Asker Sakınmaz resign weeCONOMY… You read English and German translate… Did you understand Cengiz and Volker why show FlexTV explain video 🙂

Now, you will read all facts from Asker SAKINMAZ…

Why CENGİZ EHLİZ escape from Turkey ?

Why CENGİZ EHLİZ  change concept again and again ?

Why people protect money from #weeCONOMY ?

Why ASKER SAKINMAZ  stopped !

You learn all Cengiz Ehliz’s lie…















The truth about FlexKom

The court cases in Turkey

Currently, Cengiz Ehliz and Asker Sakinmaz are indicted for fraud in Turkey.



Part owner of the company FlexKom Erol Pakel was sentenced to 8 months prison but the court ruled to convert the judgment into a fine. In the same trial Cengiz Ehliz, Asker Sakinmaz and Davut Türkoglu were indicted for fraud. Currently, this trial is still in progress; when this case is finalized , Cengiz Ehliz, Asker Sakinmaz and Davut Türkoglu will be convicted.




After Cengiz Ehliz brought several companies, among other things the IQ-Conzept, into bankruptcy he came to Turkey. The Turkish people trusted and believed him. Cengiz Ehliz assured the Turkish ND and PT that everything that is set up abroad will formed under their careers. Any of his promises were not met. Because of him many lost their closest friends and acquaintances. Marriages were broken, divorces as well as suicides were committed. He brought the collected funds to Europe. Now he affords luxury cars which amount to monthly rents of 4500 €.




Why are there always trainings done for the careers?

If you enroll in 100 team members with FlexKom, how much would you earn?

If you bring the 100 customers, how much will Flexkom have earned?




If 100 team members acquire the Gold package worth 2000 Euro the company makes an instant profit …. Would a  customer make a purchase of 2000 Euros in a day or in a month? Very unlikely….


Why do Cengiz Ehliz and Asker Sakinmaz insist that career building takes precedence. Why are no promotions made for the Kobis and customers? Cengiz Ehliz and Asker Sakinmaz know exactly that they earn their money most comfortably though your career as SM, SD, ND and PT.


Be careful with developing your career. For while you are working to enroll several team member to earn the career as SD or ND, Cengiz Ehliz likes to award the ND career to the people who are close to him. He did that always in Turkey.


You will notice over time that it is very hard to make money in the kobi phase, only then you will understand that the promises of FlexKom are not in correspondence with the facts.


Therefore, the company FlexKom always insists that you should make career building a priority.

Due to the continuous change of the concept, of POS equipment and the contracts, the company kept making ​​more money again and again. And you live with the dreams that you are told all along.




As Cengiz Ehliz and Asker Sakinmaz founded the company in Turkey, the Turkish nation believed them and supported them in their vision. Cengiz Ehliz devoted himself mainly to the career and the card customers and thereby earned vast quantities of money. They kept running into enormous problems with the infrastructure of e-commerce, Flex Holiday, Flex Energy, Flex Outlet, Flex City and Flex Call, that he did not admit to and accused others of having made these errors.


Cengiz Ehliz as well as the other FlexKom manager insisted on rather enrolling many more team member because they knew that thereby they can achieve a lot more money. After they were not able to expand otherwise any more out of the team members work, they turned their focus abroad on the grounds that everything would even be nicer  and opened with the money they took in in Turkey, a company in Germany.





FlexCall, FlexHoliday, FlexCity, E-Commerce work


Again and again, they come up with new concepts for you. This is done to irritate you. You mention the FlexHoliday does not work, the company introduces you to the FlexCity concept. You mention the problems of Kobis, the company tells you about the vision of 2016. With the videos shown at major seminars, you are strung along.


In the vision of 2012 in Turkey, it was said that 10 million Kobis will be 25 million customers. The lectures are always only about dreaming.

Now Cengiz Ehliz tells you the story of 250 million customers. Would you not like to earn money from  more than 250 million customers? Inwardly, you say yes and fall for the fraud.


The company claims that the Country Managers earn good money. Even from the lowest team members they earn money.



Asker Sakinmaz reported in Germany, that the work in Turkey was running excellent. He mentions high revenues. In the Obtainer magazine he announces that Ahmet Cecen, Naci Acis and Salih Kilic had earned millions of dollars. The owner of the magazine Obtainer Michael Sanders is a good friend of Cengiz Ehliz.

How much money did Cengiz Ehliz give to Michael Sanders for the award of the first prize of Obtainer magazine?

As you read this, Ahmet Cecen that is listed here has already terminated his whole Turkish Team.

Why did Ahmet Cecen terminate?



People in Europe were told that the Kobis living in Turkey are already actively working. For that reason a video with Tawfig Ahmed and Yusuf Ciftci was filmed in Turkey. None of the Kobis shown in the recording work with FlexKom. The POS device worked only during the video recording. Payments could not be made at all.

The Europeans saw the videos, photos, checks and thought the Turkish earn a lot of money with the company. Actually, many Pt’s terminated in that time.



The participants coming from abroad were accommodated in a hotel in Antalya. In the near vicinity POS devices were placed in some shops for a few days for payment. After the participants left, the POS equipments were collected from the shops. The participants reported that the FlexKom system in Turkey is running correctly.



FlexKom claimed they had received a quality certificate from the company EBCON, but at the same time, Dr. Stefan Kletsch had received from the European Chamber of Commerce a warning for fraud.


Cengiz Ehliz and Asker Sakinmaz lied to the people by claiming that all the negative allegations are only made ​​because they wanted to steal their concept. Actually, the dupes were telling the truth.

After Cengiz Ehliz brought the new POS 5 devices on the market, he claimed that the old POS devices are no longer compatible with the system and urged all to buy these. Also in this case, many were victims of the fraud. The ones that purchased 20-30 POS devices, neither have money nor receive compensation for the POS 5 devices.



Tanju Colak is a well-known and important soccer player in Turkey. Tanju Colak was used as an advertising face in Turkey. As agreed in the contract promises were not kept, no payments were made, so Tanju Colak had to go to court  against the company FlexKom.

Because of increasing lawsuits, Cengiz Ehliz transported his entire fortune from Turkey to abroad.


Cengiz Ehliz is frauding the people with media. He is dazzling people with grandiose events, many photographs and that they would earn a lot of money – actually only he and the top managers.





Can he tell us why he is in a court battle with Bernd Seitz, a Network Career the owner? How much money was paid to Bernd Seitz, so that he is silent and does not report the truth about FlexKom?



Now supposedly one of the Unicity board members, Gerhard Reheusser, is changing over to FlexKom.

Likewise, they had given money in Turkey to the major European board member of Lyoness, Aytekin Dereli, for transfering to FlexKom. This change of Aytekin Dereli was based on the alleged growth of FlexKom, so people would continue with the registrations. Aytekin Dereli quickly regretted having changed from Lyoness to FlexKom and shortly after that became unemployed. The same scheme is currently applied to the Unicity board member.


Through their continuous registration of new members you will come up only to a certain point. In the business conversations with the United States, some people were sold the ND positions immediately. When the registrations are stopped in the network system, you want to be SM, SD, ND, PT. Since you can not make any further registrations, you must purchase the career.


If you criticize the company FlexKom, they will immediately sent you videos in which much publicity, functioning POS devices are shown. This is the usual method.


If you criticize, the company it is explained that you are either someone from the competition, that you have a negative attitude, that you have no visions and that you do not belong to the 5% who can see into the future.


Do not believe the shrill, much pictured, musical and rich lie-laden seminars and certainly not the lies of Cengiz Ehliz.


Currently, in Germany, France, Holland and the USA many are in preparations for a law- suit. Many people in these mentioned countries were victims of his fraud, which he mislead with the advertising to have many Kobis and nearly 4 million customers in Turkey.


Some of you will have to wait to get the invested money back. Some of you will wait because they believe in the system, but in the end some day you will begin to see and understand everything. Exactly on that day, you will have lost your spouse, friends, acquaintances and your money.


Is this system good? Well ……


The problem is at the beginning of the system, Cengiz Ehliz and Asker Sakinmaz …… As long as they are there everyone should pay attention to the money in their pocket